Social Media Guidelines

What is social media?   Social media are websites or applications that allow information and content to be shared electronically.   Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube foster communication and networking online.  Users can share information, personal messages, photos, and other ideas electronically.  . 

 Social Media Etiquette

For Students: 

  • Use social media responsibly.  Remember if you wouldn't’t say something to someone in real life don’t post it online.

  • Social media posts can still be found online even if you delete them. If you do not want someone to see something DON’T POST IT.

  • Avoid posting personal information like address, phone number or birthday.

  • Never post photos or videos of others without their permission first.  Always respect the privacy of others.

  • Remember posts can mean different things if taken out of context.  It is easy to misunderstand someone’s post or text message. 

  • People might not be who they say they are and can pretend to be anyone.

  • Report to an adult if you see or hear anything that is inappropriate or against school rules.

For Parents:

  • Talk to your student about appropriate online behavior.

  • Set clear guidelines for your student for cell phone, iPad or computer use.  Set limits on the amount of time spent online.

  • Designate the use of electronic devices in common open areas of your home .

  • Encourage your student to report any inappropriate behavior they see or hear through social media.  

  • Monitor your student’s online use.  Know their screen names and/or passwords.

Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media information for parents

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