Jefferson Available Clubs


Sports Club
Sports Club will be available as a way for students to explore different sport options.  Students will be exposed to sports such as soccer, basketball, and football. The student will be able to learn the basics and experience teamwork and accountability. This club is a sampler for students who enjoy to be active and on the go. 

Newspaper Club
Interested in writing, interviewing, sharing what is going on at Jefferson or being a movie/book critic? This is the club for you! This club will focus on creating a student ran newspaper to share with others. It will build writing skills and give students the opportunity to write about and even illustrate things that are important to them. For grades 3-5. 

River Bend Nature Center
After a long day at school, who wants to sit around inside? Learn all about nature by exploring your school's backyard with one of River Bend Nature Center's naturalists! We'll meet animals, play games, and even take a field trip to River Bend Nature Center on the last day!

Cooking Club (U of M Extension & 4H)
Learn how to choose healthy food options, learn how to create simple yet fun snacks, and make eating fruits and veggies fun! This club will teach you healthy eating habits as well as make cooking fun and easy. Enjoy learning about new foods with your friends and encourage each other to try something new.

Craft Club/Crafty Kids
These Craft Clubs provide students with a creative, comfortable atmosphere to learn and create crafts that can be useful, decorative, and personalized. Crafts will be easy and will allow students to express themselves creatively.

Kindness Club
The Kindness Club teaches students about the virtue kindness.  This will be done through interactive activities such as creating pictures for people they care about, sending letters to soldiers, participating in compliment circles, helping with tasks that need to be completed around Jefferson, having group discussions about kindness, etc.  Students will learn ways to spread kindness around Jefferson Elementary, and in their own lives.

Community Service Club
The Community Service Club brings students together to serve the community, make friends and impact the lives of others. Opportunities may include collection drives, small community projects, sending letters, helping around Jefferson and creating student driven projects. This club will warm the hearts of those in the community, such as firefighters, police officers, postal workers, nursing home residents, etc.

AM Walking Club
The goal is to spread the importance of exercising and improving health to students. Students will set simple goals and encourage each other to do their best during each meet. There will be incentives for students along the way depending on their mileage and attendance. 



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